Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Style Disaster ~Clunky Shoes~

Please tell me when and why I bought these chunky, clunky black shoes- and who permitted it:

I was cleaning out my closet at my mom's house for Goodwill and came upon these waaaay in the back. I have absolutely no memory of buying or wearing these. Which probably explains this:

$39.95?! Are you kidding me? Thankfully the tags were still on. That means maybe I realized the error of my ways the moment I got them home, and never wore them. That means there are no photos out there. Except this one.

How unflattering do they make my legs? And I actually tend to think I have nice legs. How could a shoe do this? Who made this shoe?! Goodwill might actually give them back.

Despite the fact that I did go through a thick-heeled black shoe phase in late middle school/early high school, let's just pretend one of my sisters bought this shoe a long time ago and somehow it found its way into my bedroom over the years. After all, the Elder Sister is at least 3" shorter than me, so that makes waaay more sense. As far as 'sense' and these shoes can be associated.

Crime against fashion, that's all I have to say. Now let's all pretend this never happened.


christa said...

Excuse me? I own a pair like this except they are full platform, but otherwise exactly the same. They are the only dress pair of shoes I have. How could you possibly think these are ugly?! I think they are beautiful!!! I loooooooooove clunky shoes and don't own a pair of traditional heels. how boring...and uncomfortable! I think they make legs look very nice...especially with the mary jane strap. classy! I bought mine at macy's a few years ago for around the same price.

MissGracie said...

Yea, I like them too ^.^

Anonymous said...

I like them, as well! I only found this blog by googling chunky black shoes...guess what I was looking for?!?!
And I can't find any good ones any more, maybe I should check Goodwill!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My... Why would anyone like these?