Sunday, August 20, 2006

Love. Want. Need. ~INC Sweater~

What can I say? It's beautiful.

And it happens to fit beautifully and feel luscious. Which I know, because after carrying it around Macy's for a generous amount of time, I did try it on.

I also finally got to see Angela's winning outfit from Project Runway firsthand. It was all right; I wasn't a big fan of the shirt. I would wear the grey trousers if they weren't so ubiquitous right now, and so identifiable.

The real kicker was this picture, featured right on the front page for, mocking me for not purchasing the coveted sweater while I had it in my hands this weekend:

As if to say, "Bard, doesn't this soft, cozy, form-flattering sweater look great on tall curly-haired brunettes?" Yes,, thanks for pointing that out! Any generous readers out there? I wear a size medium.

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