Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway S3E6

Last week's episode which sent Bradley home was fairly plain to me, with the expected loser being dismissed and everyone's champion, Michael, taking his first win. So I completely neglected to add my own comments to it; the episode spoke for itself and I was looking forward to moving on.

Which brings us to this week's episode.

First, I've got to admit that when it initially aired, I fell asleep. (I know! I was tired! My bed was comfy! Don't stone me!) But I left my tv on Bravo, and so when the episode aired about five million more times during the night, it influenced my dreams. I dreamed the entire episode- some, in the first half, as it had happened when I watched it. The second half was narrated by the television, but my mind created everyone's garments, since I hadn't seen them completed before konking out earlier. In the end, in my dream, Robert was kicked off. Interesting, hm?

Then I woke up and the last fifteen minutes of the show were on (which, believe me, had me really disoriented at first, due to the fact that it was the middle of the night and I had just been dreaming the same premise, thinking I was already watching it). So I got to see the breath-holding moment wherein Kayne was spared and Alison was sent home.

Alison! What? How?! I really thought she was one of the most talented designers, and I don't see how the judges overlooked that fact. Not only is Alison consistently making beautiful garments, but the dress that led to her booting actually looked much nicer on the mannequin, and help me but I want to blame the model. Actually, I wish Alison had stuck with her initial vision- I liked where the colored paper skirt was going. But I have to take her word that it wasn't working. However, do the designers' previous efforts not factor in at all when they're on the chopping block?

On America's Next Top Model, at least progress and potential are considered! On America's Got Talent, the judges keep the big picture in mind throughout the many reprisals of the contestants- overall, do they deserve one million dollars? Overall, hasn't Alison consistently demonstrated more talent and potential than almost any other designer?

Stolen from because I'm lazy, but isn't her dress rather cute in this picture? I think, if not the model, it was the hair-bow that did Alison's dress in.

Vincent, who was spared by some twisted god (or judge's) mercy alone, managed to slip by with a dress which showed no eye for style, no personal flourish (or fleurchon), and no construction skills. It was barely clothing at all, as the model couldn't take a step in the thing. At least Alison really worked that paper! Despite what the judges had to say about Kayne's garish piece, Vincent's alone looked truly like an art camp's ( Paris... for 6 year olds?) construction paper project.

I completely understand why Laura began lashing out at Vincent when Alison got kicked off. How could the troll of the designers cause the Princess to be sent home? That's not how fairy tales work, damnit!
I felt this way when Santino remained on last season during the makeover episode, when his jumpsuit was attacked by Kara Janx and fellow designers, and it was revealed as being taped and glued together- much too late.
I just really wanted to see Alison's collection go to fashion week. I'm kinda gonna have to hold on to this disappointment for awhile until Vincent gets his dues and is thrown out on his ass. He'd just better not make it to the final four, or I will be seething.

The winner- okay, okay, okay, okay- I do love Michael. It's kind of like a contagion in the blogosphere, if you can't tell. And while I was ecstatic to see him win last week, because he so justly deserved it, this week his back-to-back win (accompanied, of course, by the revelation of his little wallet-note-mantra to win, and aren't we all so moved and if we hadn't already been drooling over the boy, wouldn't we be now?) felt less rewarding. And with the fondling of his wall of fame Pam Grier outfit... it's almost too much, it's like a bias for Michael. He was the invisible underdog and won our love, but now he's so prominent and pampered that I.. sort of fear for his future. We can't be too easy on him or Michael-the-neglected-and-underrated, the prodigal designer that we fell for, will be compromised.

And by the way? Jeffrey should have won. Sorry, but yes. This was truly Jeffrey's moment to shine, with a beautiful, wearable, creative, but oh-so-personalized garment. It was colorful, it was unique, it stood out amid the rest of the, well, trash. I don't think Michael's lovely-but-bland dress should have won, when Jeffrey went out on a limb and put his crazy, bitter, tattooed heart into his gown- and actually pulled it off! I shared his pain every agonizing second in the room with Michael just after the win. The Prodigal Designer seemed stupefied by his own self-fulfilled prophecy, while Jeffrey could do nothing but sulk in the glow of Michael's glory. I desperately hope Jeffrey gets one win and has his own day to shine before he gets sent home, or else he might carry this resentment for Michael all his life (especially once we all get to see Michael win it all, because he's going to).

What can I say? At least Robert and Kayne were spared. More bitchy, flamboyant conspiring and designing, please! Carry on.

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I agree, Jeffrey should have won.