Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Sole Risk

I confess: I kind of hate shopping for clothes and shoes online. Rather, I adore browsing online, and I am perfectly willing to make purchases online, but when items involve sizing, I must have had the chance to try the item on in person at some point before I'll risk ordering it. Is this paranoia? Or an admirable, alert wariness? Buying items- especially shoes- in person can be enough of a deliberation. But when you haven't had the chance to parade around the entire shoestore to make absolutely sure that they're comfortable (and to make sure you didn't miss a different cute pair)? It's asking for trouble. This bard's mother always insisted on making that second trip around the store before a pair of shoes could be considered for purchase. (Or a third.)

And what happens when shoes are the object at hand (or foot!) and there's no return policy?

Well. Usually this would be a certain no-no.

Alas, the bard, she fell for these lovely shoes on eBay.

Like any lovestruck fawn, she pranced about her item of attraction for awhile, dancing in indecisiveness about the next move. I thought I must.have.these. to go over tights for Fall. Not that I live somewhere that gets cold. Not that I own tights. But come on, we all read the glossies! Tights are happening and they will happen to you. Ahem. So. For the spectacular Buy-It-Now price of $22.99 with shipping and handling, I decided- throw caution to the wind! Dismay your mother and defy her rules! Buy these shoes!

And I did.
But with one little promise to myself (that I share now with you): if these do not fit, if they are scratched, if they are mussed or messed up in any way and I regret buying them? I will never again buy non-returnable clothing or shoes via 'www'.

Only time will tell how this little, one-time-only test turns out, and I will be sure to let you know.


Amy said...

Good luck with your shoe purchase! I have definitely bought a bunch of clothing from eBay, but never shoes unless I have tried the exact model elsewhere! Getting anything to wear is such a pain for me since I'm shorter and smaller than most people, but every once in a while, I manage a steal because of that fact.

But I'm definitely very conservative with footwear, since it can't really be altered or otherwise made bearable if they really hurt your feet!

As for the shoes, they are indeed cute, and for $22.99, they are completely worth taking your chances!

Style Graduate said...

I actually never buy from eBay - too scared. But I like the shoes, and I look forward to hearing how they work out!

The Style Bard said...

In my experience, eBay is very secure if you check the sellers' ratings and everything. You should definitely at least try it because I have scored some truly excellent items that I simply couldn't have found anywhere else, including out-of-print books.

Of course maybe I should keep my mouth closed before I jinx myself!