Sunday, January 14, 2007


If you're nostalgic for the 80's, pass over the side-ponytails and the jumpers, put down your bedazzler, and for god's sake take off those shoulder pads! But do go ahead and buy these crazy Giuseppe Zanotti piped leather ankle boots. Originally $635, Bluefly has them for $381, and today only, they're an additional 20% off - that's $304.80. I am not advocating the eighties look... but I think this is the right touch, especially if you'll bypass those other atrocities. Although if I see leggings or orange-red rouge on your cheeks, so help you!

A last note: please friends, try to stop wearing the ankle-high boots with a skirt. Booties with tights and a skirt? Sure! Ankle boots? Never. The line of your leg is sectioned to several Dexter-esque chunks. You lose all your height and look like the wishful thinking of a serial killer. Is that what you want? No, no you don't. (And if you don't watch Dexter, go to it. Great show. If you like serial killers, and that sort of thing.)

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Cara said...

Will the chunks be tied with little red bows?
Because what doesn't go with little red bows?