Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Hate Sneakers

So, I hate sneakers.

Anyone with me?

Unless you're running or working out, or have a medical condition, I find most sneakers relatively abhorrous. There's always a more flattering pair of shoes to make your outfit, and very few excuses not to reach for those when you head out the door. Sneakers are well-built and comfortable, but the compromise is that they're clunky and square-shaped. If they aren't required, I say leave 'em at home. A cute flat is just as easy (if not easier) to slip on, and as comfortable.

I just got back from a trip that required long walks and hiking (part of my most recent long absence). Now, usually I'm the girl who'll survive a long day on her feet in heels without complaint, but for the hiking and climbing required to get to beautiful heights (like the picture above - that's from my trip!), I knew I couldn't get away with anything other than a pair of sneakers. Did I own a pair? Of course not. So I got to take on the chore of looking for a cute but practical pair of sneakers.

After a long day at the mall I was running out of time (shopping last minute is my trademark) and I was mightily discouraged. All of the sneakers I could find were colorless, too athletic-looking, had more dohickeys and doodads than I required, or made my feet look like boxes. Crimes against fashion, really. Sure, I was going to be up in the mountains, but people could still see me, you know? And we'd be taking lots of pictures.

My one other issue was that I didn't want to really spend the money on a pair of sneakers I was never going to look at again in two weeks. I thought, if I could at least find something marginally cute, I won't give them to Goodwill the moment my trip's over. (That was the fate of the last pair of sneaks I kept around after promising myself I'd work out more. Sssshyeah.) If I genuinely bonded with these shoes, against my heartfelt prejudice, maybe I'd keep 'em around for the once every several years my lifestyle requires sneakers.

The last store left in the mall was DSW actually, and I didn't have a ton of optimism going in. However this is a happily-ending story. After about 40 minutes in the store I found this pair on a sale display:

Amiya, by Adidas (Zappos).

They're well-made, come in cute, vibrant colors, and I really appreciate that they're slim. The toe even comes to a slightly rounded point. There are patent strips on the upper to add extra shine and flash to them. Because they were on sale, and because DSW has an amazing non-expiring return policy, I was happy to buy them on the spot, and have continued to like looking at them - even though they're sneakers.

I also love them in Black:

I would still grab another shoe to wear around casually before I would reach for my sneakers, but these have really fulfilled all of my demands and opened my mind about this ugly shoe type. Now let's keep it up, okay fitness shoe brands? There's no reason a woman should have to look like crap while she's working out and trying to look fantastic. (And where better than to meet Mr. Right than the gym? I'm just saying.)


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

I hate sneakers too. They are repulsive to wear out in public. I prefer flats or loafers as well.

The Style Bard said...

Exactly, there are just more attractive comfortable options for all foot types and lifestyles. Sneakers belong in athletic environments only.


Anonymous said...

I have a phobic reaction to sneakers, and unfortunately my new job (at a learning center for very small children) requires me to wear them as part of the daily non-negotiable work attire.I am heart-broken and literally in pieces over it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh i hate sneakers 2! I try to keep away from them the best i can!.. when i was younger i used to always wear them almost everyday nonstop.. it was so unlady like of me! How could i have done such a thing.. lol anyways now i stick to shoes like flats sumtimes heels or in the summer time sandals.

Maria said...

I loathe sneakers. I've owned two pairs in my thrity years carrier in the U.S. The first one was a fairly expensive brand: Nike - and I've used it strictly for hiking. It turned out to have break a toe nail so bad that it had come off! So much for the famous logo. Another pair I've bought is a Puma. Now that's a little different. They're actually running shoes, and look more like shoes, really. So I can say this latter pair has served its purpose.