Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Maybe someone out there can explain this to me:

Beaded Bolero, Geoffrey Beene

I have to applaud he intricate beadwork and the delicate pattern, but I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around this "bolero." I wish the site offered some views of how it can be worn. All I can come up with is over a simple formal black dress. Add this to the dress itself and I'm so on board, but as a separate? Why? You're going to get all kinds of uses out of it?

From the site: "Under the design direction of Einar Holiloekk, who was groomed by Beene to preserve and carry on his legacy, the Beene tradition of intricately special yet intrinsically simple style continues. His beaded bolero is a true collector's item of exquisite workmanship. The body of the bolero is shaped in a black/white mini-check silk gazar, and then hand-embroidered with a floral design in yellow silk, which is accented with hand-applied jet beads and sequins. The reverse of the bolero is lined with a yellow/black plaid silk taffeta."

And this:

Beene Crystal Collar Necklace

Again, it's shiny and beautiful so for reasons we won't look at too closely, I have to want it, but it's... not really so much a necklace? It's a... neck... apparel... okay, I give up. It's like the mini version of a cape, really. I could maybe get on board, but for the cutesy bow. Does this go with a sleeveless dress? Better yet, does it go with anything else?

From the site: "The crystal collar necklace is by itself a work of art, composed of dozens of hand sewn crystal baguettes resting atop a black double-faced satin collar. When tied over a simple tee shirt, or paired with a strapless evening dress, the result is a dazzling, outrageously sexy interplay of light and shadow. The collar measures 3" wide at the front and tapers to 2" wide at the back. It ties in front with a black satin ribbon."

Maybe we can brainstorm some ways to make these things practical! Let me know what you think.

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E said...

maybe the crystal collar can be used for fun over a plain white shirt to create a collar and make it more formal, a tailored shirt or even a t-short type shirt...... with expensive black or black pin stripe tapered pants or similar skirt. But I sure agree about the bow!