Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Sisters Jewelry

Calling themselves "handmade, contemporary, hip and stylish; fun, funky and feminine; and a great value," Two Sisters Jewelry is, well, exactly those things. Gina and Jennifer are twin sisters who design and make unique pieces of jewelry with silver, gold and semi-precious stones.

Because they're a web-based company, I like that the site for Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique is clean and user-friendly, while giving off a real essence of the down-to-earth family tone that I believe Gina and Jennifer capture in their craft.

Greeting you from the front page, you immediately understand what this company is about: an intimate commerce between artists and their customer, with pieces that are lovingly handled and created with care. Unsurprisingly, the sisters are cordial in communication and willing to create custom pieces to compliment the style and preferences of their individual customers. This is exactly the kind of niche, intimate, small-business boutique which I love to discover, shop and endorse.

One of my favorite items from their collection is the Kai necklace in sterling silver:

It seems like a timeless statement piece, the type one would be known for wearing, and not quite like a necklace anyone else has. The chain comes in 16" or 18", and the stone is Faceted Smokey Quartz and Grey Onyx.

As the owner of the Emilia earrings, I can tell you that people will notice and compliment these pieces.

The Emilia earrings have an elegant goldfill wire drop-down hook, which stays on without a clasp. The hook is incorporated as a part of the design, like an unclosed hoop. Dangling down and sparkling in the sun are two gorgeous, simple black onyx stones.

All of their items, while mostly delicate and softspoken, have the dual ability to proclaim themselves as statement pieces. Two Sisters Jewelry agilely walks the line by offering pieces that meet the requirements of current fashion trends while being strikingly one-of-a-kind. This ability is something which makes me want to continue to visit the site to see what's new and what's on sale.

Two Sisters does offer a "Sale" section, but all of the pieces are affordable, ranging from about $25-$95. Other sections of note on their site are "Mother's Bracelets," "Infants and Toddler Bracelets," and "Prom." Gift Certificates are also available.

Because their pieces are diverse and age-spanning, I would recommend these for young, fashionable girls and established women. Almost anything from Two Sisters Jewelry would be a great idea for Mother's Day.

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