Monday, April 28, 2008


My adoration for the Gorjana Bali Arc Hoop earrings (here, on Cindy Crawford) made me want to revisit the controversy that arose on this site a few years ago (has it really been that long??) when I confessed my raging actions against one act of hoop abuse that hit very close to home.

I want to explain again that I don't hate these earrings unconditionally (I mean, they aren't Crocs) but I think that they're something which we ordinary folk, but especially young girls, should think twice about. It's tempting to try to copy a trend executed flawlessly on a celebrity or in a magazine, but certain things, such as oversized hoop earrings, won't work on you. Yes, I mean you. Hoops are not for every face shape, and I would even suggest that they don't go with about half of face types. They can make a short or narrow face look even more so by comparison to the large, shiny round accessories providing an unattractive contrast to the face's natural contours. It especially bothers me because it's so easy to do better than that for yourself, to really bring out your assets and hide your flaws. What else, dare I ask, are accessories even for?

Years ago I used this picture to demonstrate a wrong use of hoops. Though her face isn't at a flattering angle, from this photo I can see that those earrings are too large for her small face. I think that a smaller earring would draw more attention to her beautiful features, rather than making them compete with oversized accessories.

In comparison, Mini Driver looks amazing in large hoop earrings due to the gorgeous architecture of her face, notably her jawline and cheekbones:

Her stylist for The Riches always gives her great accessories that are in harmony with her outfit, taking into account her strong features, her larger than life character, and the character's simple and elegant way of dressing. Therefore, statement pieces often work, and slightly bigger jewelry by her face makes sense. She is however also a gypsy, which I can only say is additional fodder to justify more and larger jewelry. If you too are a gypsy, please disregard my thoughts on jewelry tact and continue being awesome.

But for the cursory hoops experimenter, I say err on the side of modesty and never buy what might be too big for your face, lest you end up resembling this Project Catwalk judge:

Do not try this at home.

I'd say that the hoops in this post are almost the same size (minus the last). Take a look at the different shapes of these women's faces and you can see how the earrings work (or don't), and how they flatter or obscure the woman's profile. When shopping for accessories, be sure to not only look at how beautiful the piece itself is, but also think about what it can do for you or what another item might do better.

I advise trying on earrings (and most accessories) the way one would shoes. While some people find it awkward to try on earrings in a store, I would at least try to hold them up and really take the gestalt resulting picture into account before you buy. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

I actually think she pulls the look off very nice!!!! Really cool!!!

Anonymous said...

beauty bellongs to the eyes of the beholder. for me, large hoop earrings look sexy on women no matter what shape their face are. majority like looking at them that today's fashion gurus recommend them as seen being implemented by trend setters like beyonce, rihanna, the pussycat dolls, myley cyrus, mya, catherine zeta jones just to name a few.