Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Not to Wear & Updates

For even casual viewers of What Not to Wear, you've just got to catch Behind The Seams. You get to watch what really gets put into each episode of the show from start to finish, from submissions to keeping in touch with "contributors" years later. I just loved seeing it, because I'll admit, I NEVER fathomed Stacey and Clinton did SO MUCH WORK. I really thought backstage people did most of the work and they just showed up as pretty talent, but that's hardly true. And as a side note? I totally want their awesome Asian manager/producer/director to be my best friend. And S&C too, naturally. Just...seriously, go see it. If I catch it again I might just hit Record and give you a more thorough summary.

Furthermore, I have some ideas for upcoming articles. I *know* I've been an absent mother to this blog, but I recently started a new job, moved and began throwing a lot of work into Style Bard Shoes - and some other freelance projects I'll get more into in the near future. But I'm still here and I plan to come back with more force than ever - I just feel like it's all I can do to catch my breath these days. You know the feeling.

And by the way--the lovely ladies at Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique are offering Free Shipping on their lovely, creative and affordable jewelry. Expires August 1st. I'm eyeing the Kai necklace and Avery clear earrings. Show some love and check them out! Learn more here.

Thanks for the patience and stay tuned!

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