Monday, November 17, 2008

Marshall's Shoe MegaShop (Part 2)

Some of you may recall a Marshalls Shoe MegaShop post here earlier this year, wherein I went running all over town to find some new shoes for an evening event (taking place that very night; yay, last-minute shopping). I wrote about how the new 5,000-square-foot boutique-style display in the Marshalls shoe department compared to the old clearance-rack arrangement. In my travels, I went to three Marshalls stores and in each of them, the Megashop was a bit of a disorganized mess and I found it difficult to shop efficiently (and under a time constraint) for shoes, whereas I recalled being able to quickly browse all shoes in my size with the old set-up. But I promised to return and see if the problem persisted once the Megashop was in full-swing, and not just a burgeoning concept.

So this weekend I went to Marshalls to buy some new shoes for fall, as well as some casual tops. I've been on a mission to dress up my casual look, because I think I've outgrown t-shirts and tank tops. But that's another post. In terms of shoes, I was looking for oxfords, booties, loafers, chunky ankle boots or knee-high boots. I may live in South Florida, but I journey up north for Thanksgiving, and all of my cold-weather clothes and accessories are in storage in New York.

First I have to say that the Megashop was much more organized than my previous excursions. I was able to see all of the shoes with one sweeping glance, and could easily gravitate toward what caught my eye. The clearance wall was in fact organized by size, thank goodness, as compared to the hodge-podge free-for-all that had stood in its place a few weeks ago. (There was one Super Clearance shelf where it seemed like the last of every shoe was just tossed together, and these were not organized at all, but as it was in the spirit of deep-discount clearance bins, it didn't phase me; I took the time to browse for my size.)(If I can survive shoe-shopping at Filene's Basement, I can survive one messy shelf.)

Then I have to say that unfortunately, because I am in South Florida, Marshalls simply didn't have a great selection of boots and booties, which were my first priority. However, they had a nice variety of oxfords, and two ankle boots, and one pair of knee-high boots, and I assume that the range is wider in other parts of the world. This didn't stop me from moving on in my pursuit of trendy fall shoes though, and I managed to make two name-brand purchases for under $50, which is exactly why I'll continue to shop at Marshalls.

My first purchase was these beauties:

Wexford, by Rockport

I thought that these shoes perfectly exemplified the feel of autumn, with rich foliage tones woven through a somber chocolate color; plus, the tweed-like texture makes me think of the cozy, lazy comforts of fall. They have Sole Innovation technology, so the inside is super cushy and the arch is very supportive. I liked them at first sight for their Mary-Jane appearance, and I fell for them when I put them on and felt how completely comfortable they were. Of course, I was ready for commitment when I saw the price tag: $19.99. Marshalls rocks. If you look up these shoes online, they're still selling from $40.00-$75.00 through various retailers. This means I got a fantastic bargain on shoes that aren't outdated or out of stock. I really can't wait to wear them with a yellow, orange or red blouse to pull out the little threads of color in the heels.

I also got these:

Mattino, by Nine West

I love, love, love these shoes. Of all the shoes in the store, these were my absolute favorites, and I had to have them. And since Marshalls carries everything from Payless-level shoes to designer brands, I could have wound up paying a hefty sum for these. But when I grabbed them they were only $29.00. Looking around, I've seen them for about $45.00 elsewhere, so I consider this a fair price. Yes, I know I'm 5'9" and I know they're 4" heels with a hidden platform; but when they're on, I truly don't notice the height. They're so comfortable to wear and I think the chunky, thick look is very "right now." I want to wear them over tights, and I want to wear them against the contrast of frilly, girly dresses. They inspire me. Sure, I'll be an Amazon woman when I go out, but I'll look like a hot Amazon woman. Can you see the little sliver of silver on the heel? Can you see the faint sheen of silver sparkle on the base? Love.

And then once I'd exhausted the shoe racks (almost getting a pair of Etienne Aigner loafers, but then deciding I really wanted black or red loafers, not brown), I went on to purchase some discounted Ralph Lauren polos and a few other casual-preppy-chic shirts to stand in place of my forever-old basics such as three-per-pack go-to Hanes black t-shirts.

All in all, I still wish I could have picked up some boots or ankle boots, but it wasn't in the stars. I'd like to see what's in stock up north at Marshalls. But I'm very, very happy with all of my purchases, and the boutique-style shopping at the Megastore is certainly growing on me now that they've got it under control.

Here's a quick, fun, interactive quiz from Marshalls to help you find your "sole mate" and pick the perfect new fall shoe:

I'm a glittery high heel! No surprise there (although it was a tight race between boots and heels). Now I just need a similar widget to help me pick my soulmate and a new man for fall. Wouldn't that be nice?

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queenoftheclick said...

I had no idea that Rockport shoes were so cute. I love the Wexford shoes by Rockport that you got at Marshalls.