Monday, July 31, 2006

At Work With Style ~2~

It's been awhile since I regaled you all with my tales of restaurant fashionability. To wit, because working in a restaurant is one of the most unglamorous professions, and sends me scuttling for the shower the minute I get home, every day, even when I showered just before work. But this is not to be an entry about my grossness, I promise. I actually wanted to just add another tidbit for how to stylize a work uniform. And, exciting news, I have wireless! As some know, I have been wheedling, begging, and bribing dialup to get posts to you guys since about the beginning of May. That's a long time! But now, at long last, I have speed again. Hopefully this will allow me to go back to a much more regular posting schedule, so here goes:

Lately, I have been taking cues from medical tv shows about how to dress up my work clothes. Medical shows, you say? But what could waitressing and bartending possibly have to do with cutting people open, save for those mini-defibrillators that restaurants lately added for the safety of their customers?

Well you see, as mentioned at I Am Fashion, shows like Grey's Anatomy always looks suspiciously stylish! How do people who work 24-hour shifts and have their forearms plunged into peoples' open wounds always look so bright-eyed, well-made-up, and gorgeous? One trick I noticed (beginning on ER, then Scrubs, then Grey's) was the layering of shirts, to customize and differentiate characters' bland uniform outfits (scrubs). They use varying lengths- long or 3/4 sleeves- and bright colors. It keeps them looking fresh. Such as:

Although I never know how Izzie's scrub tops always look fitted, to give her a defined bust and waist. Girl's got curves, but I've seen and worn scrub shirts, and they're mighty square.

In fact, having worn scrubs at my summer-long Animal Hospital stunt, I can honestly say that it was actually the most disgusting job I've ever had, filth-wise. Which only adds to the falseness and perplexity of how clean, sharp, and pretty everyone looks on TV. I have to say though, the staff of Dr. House's small and efficient team on House is the best-dressed at all times. Too bad I can't wear pumps and skirts to work and throw a lab coat over it and call it a day. I wish. I swear, my next job will be one where I can wear heels and my hair down.

Not only does layering keep your look fresh, but it keeps your clothes fresh, too. I don't know about you guys and jobs you've had that require uniform, but I find it hard to work several shifts a week on the two outfits provided to me, and no, I'm not running up my water and electric bills doing laundry 4 times a week. So yes, putting a shirt under my uniform shirt keeps it cleaner, longer.

So all in all, tip #2, colorful layering adds brightness and creativity to drab uniform.

I have been gathering up some information and thoughts for a third and much more in-depth "In Work With Style" about the restaurant industry, so look for it!


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