Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Project Runway S3E4

I've missed posting about the last few Project Runways- I've been too busy reading up on threads and theories on BPR, and throwing my comments at their pages instead! (So... addicted...) But though the temptation to lose myself among hundreds of comments on their site was mighty, I decided to get back to my own blog to talk about the episodes. And what better episode to cover than that of the coveted kicked-off contestant conspiracy?

Well, the cat's out of the bag, and may I just say: sew in peace, Keith. I'm personally quite heartbroken over his departure, since he was providing me much needed eye-candy and bitchiness this season. But rules is rules, and as far as rules go... day-um, Keith, was there one you didn't break or did you just decide to go whole-hog? I loved wondering what truncation would get him booted, it was a delicious debate at BPR, but when Tim Gunn came on and rattled off not one... not two... but THREE infractions, I couldn't help but giggle and shake my head. And all of this after we see Keith price-haggling at Mood and blithely confessing that he likes to tweak rules when he doesn't believe in them. From the outset, I loved Malan and Keith the best, and we all see how far my support gets a PR designer. But tonight's episode made me much less sad than when Malan was kicked. With Keith you just have to cluck and sigh and say, 'oh, you' and let it be. (Let it be noted that I felt that way originally about last season's Santino, but then his act wore more and more thin, and he seemed quite fake by Fashion Week. As far as Keith goes, I am proud that whatever he was and did and said, he was truly himself right up to his too-soon end.)

With Keith and Malan gone, Michael is my new favorite- but only as of this episode. Quite frankly, we've never seen much of him before now. He's been speculated as a Top 4 by numerous assessments, but I never gave him much mind. Until- and this was my favorite moment of the entire episode- he was rolling around on the table in the design room, whining to Angela 'nooo nooo' about 'her' 'signature' rosettes. The Little Sister was watching with me, and she cannot stand Angela, and frequently interrupts any of her comments with 'NO. SHUT UP', so I'm glad someone on the show was representing those sentiments. Of the rosettes, Little Sister merely said, 'What, you learned this on the first day of design school and can't let it go?' I feel more like maybe she was practicing her rosetting while missing the lecture 'The Importance of Sketching in the Design Process.' Uck, Angela, you'll have to learn to sketch to win this! Get over yourself, it's a competition; you bend to it- and not the other way around! (Have we learned nothing from Keith?!) And Uli, that goes for you, too: learn to work in groups. Your personal preferences do not matter here.

Speaking of Uli, not that she could have possibly known, but has anyone noticed yet that she stole Keith's model (to steal his advantage, or something) just before he gets kicked? Ouch.

As for the contest itself, I think that the winner and loser were chosen fairly. While I liked Keith's design more (and I think it would have added to the episode's drama to have the poor, stranded Alison and Jeff win despite the loss of Keith), Angela's was ultimately more sellable and wearable. This happened in the Banana Republic contest, too. The more innovative designs that would win other challenges aren't always appealing to the broader market. As for Bonnie? Well, it really could have been her or Robert, and I like Robert more- he's shown far more personality. As designers they both rather sucked at this challenge. I hated Robert's more, but Bonnie's was just... wrong all over, shamelessly wrong, not merely executed wrong.

And then, still, I wonder why Robert's and Bonnie's were chosen at ALL by the Macy's rep. I mean, I rather liked some of the sketches presented better than those two. In the sketch, Bonnie's cowl neck was over-sized and less boring, and the rest of the shape was slimmer and more feminine. Vincent: 'I hear that brown will be the new grey' ... WHAT? As a designer, you are to be decreeing trends, not overhearing them. That sentence alone would have lost the vote from me, buddy.

Well, Bonnie's gone, I won't miss her, and now Bradley doesn't have to shave his beard. Which is probably good, because I sometimes wonder if it's only there because it contains his magical design powers! That must be it... because otherwise, it just looks scruffy, and I've taken to imagining that Bradley could actually be handsome (and stable) under that disguise of facial hair and crazy.

To summarize: Keith is gone, Bonnie is gone, Angela won (what?!), and Michael is the Style Bard's new favorite. Alison, if it must be a woman. She's just too damn hard not to like. If you don't already love her against your will, check out this recap at FourFour.

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