Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Judy's Book

A shout out to a new site I've stumbled upon: Judy's Book.

Judysbook.com is one of those online sites where contributors post deals from around the world wide web to share with others. I've been spending a lot of time there in the past week. It's a useful source to look for deals and to seek discount codes for checkout while you're shopping for holiday presents online.

It's heavily based on a share-system, where it really takes everyone's input and posts to comprise a thorough shopping site for all deals, sales, freebies, and specials. That's basically why I thought I'd put up a quick post here - if everyone participates, it can develop into a truly incredible resource for those of us who are big online shoppers.

Also available but in development are popular devices such as blogs and articles and reviews, to which all users can contribute (much like makeupalley.com, which everyone already loves).

But Judy's Book expands from cosmetics to apparel, shoes, travel, outdoor gear, kitchenware and more. It's always worth popping on to this site to run a quick search, to see if that popcorn maker you're eyeing is on sale somewhere you'd never think to look, or to find out what code you can use for free shipping on it.

The best part of Judy's Book, which I've reserved until last, is that you can actually make money by becoming a member. To inspire contributors so that the site can function as an indispensable tool, commissions are offered on certain deals that you help to promote through the site. It's easy and self-explanatory, calling on skills we're already cultivating as bloggers and connoisseurs of shopping.

Check it out and help enhance a beneficial, shopper-friendly website. Plus, you're spending enough time and money on everyone else this month- earn some cash on the side and pick up a little something for yourself. You deserve it.

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