Sunday, November 12, 2006

Four Me, For You

There are several purchases I've made since last we spoke (four to be exact), and I've neglected to mention them here. But as they now grace my arms and feet on a regular basis, and serve to round out my closet, and since I do try to include you all (because shopping is a team sport!) I should show them. So I will.

First, the "Stella" shoes in Lipstick Red mentioned in this post from oh-so-long-ago.
Can anyone believe that I've wanted these shoes since July 26th and just got them during the Veteran's Day sale? I can't. I must really be learning to control (or at least detain) those impulse buys.

Second, a boot (I cannot find a picture of) by Apostrophe, called "Grace." I would never shop at Sears (in fact I try to avoid it altogether), but for the fact that a) they were 40% off, and b)I bought the same pair years ago and they held together through two rough years, which is more than I can say for many of the so-called upscale shoes I buy.

Third, a new purse! You'll never believe this (it's been a whole post full of eye-openers, hasn't it?) but I have had the same purse on my arm almost every day since I got it for Christmas last year. So I needed a new one! As much as I love shopping, and favor accessories to boot (pun intended), I am not a purse girl. Purse shopping is excrutiating to me. It just needs to be the perfect look, and weight, and width, and shape and color... I don't fall in love with purses very often, one detail is always just wrong. So when I find a purse to love, I snatch it up! Such was the way with this beauty, from Nine West:
I was actually very close to purchasing a Kathy Van Zeeland bag, and I was eyeing a few others, and then I fell in love with this one, and it was even on sale. I always feel fortunate to covet things I can actually, guiltlessly afford.

Fourth, these "Grannie" boots from Dillards were actually a present from my stepfather. Unaware of the black lace-up "Grace" boots I'd just purchased and hadn't even worn yet, he saw these and said they were just "me," so he had to buy them. He was so spot on! A much more chic version of the "Grace" boots, I considered returning the Sears version, but decided that they were cheap enough to keep both (especially considering one had been a gift).
Gianne Bini, Italian leather, yum.

Now you're all caught up with my closet. Anyone else buy something (or four things) fun that you want to share with me?

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