Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sale Agony

Sale Agony: the tragic side to holiday sales that no one talks about. That is, when your favorite stores start featuring huge discounts on all of your favorite merchandise- namely, that which you've already purchased, at full retail value.

I am suffering Sale Agony tonight over the Nordstrom's discount of my beloved, gifted "Seanna" shoes by Linea Paolo.

Originally, my lovely laced-up ballet-style slingbacks were $89.95. I purchased them for approximately $58. Online at, you can now be a fellow proud owner of my shoes for only $44.90 -- with free shipping* to boot! *(On orders over $100, for a limited time- not that this is a huge bonus - regular shipping is always a reasonable $5 despite weight.) Only a few months after my purchase!

This reminds me of the skirt I splurged all of my savings on one year in High School - a beautiful, long red and pink and black wrap skirt from Charlotte Russe- and the same week, when I went into the store, it was on a sales rack for $20! Of course I had already worn it and taken off the tags.

I suppose the moral of the Sale Agony is that if in my (or your) infinite shopping wisdom, it was deemed worthwhile to spend a higher amount on the item we were coveting, then it remains that the item was worth purchasing at the time at that amount- no matter how cheap it gets.

Now I'll just cross my fingers- as I did so long ago about the skirt- that everyone won't be seen around wearing it, now that it is such an impossible deal to turn down! (Not you, of course. You can buy my shoes. I do suggest however, if you want to buy this shoe, the Walnut and Ivory shades are just as lovely as my patent Black!)

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