Thursday, April 24, 2008

Men's Accessories

Hrm, that promised earrings post is kicking around and it's coming. In the meantime, here's some re-affirmation of my desire to see men working their accessories as the ladies do:

A great way for a man to give that little somethin' extra to his look.

Do people think squares are for squares? (The Style Bard thinks a pocket square can be rocked by any male in the right context with some swagger and confidence.)

An assortment of sexy, sophisticated and sporty watches is an absolute must for any man who's worthy of my beauty routine.

Of course, I wouldn't go this far, but let's just see guys put it out there, and we can always scale it back later, right?

And lest you think I'm just a bobble-headed yesman for StyleDash, I've gotta step in and interject my opinion on sneakers without socks. Don't do it, dudes. Putting on a pair of socks is not going to derail your schedule or crimp your style, I promise. (How about a great pair of these instead?)

All via StyleDash.

(For the record, while some love it and some hate it, I have to give Chris Brown's stylist major credit for the addition of this bold, gorgeous purple scarf in the Jordin Sparks "No Air" music video. Sorry for the sloppy screen shot!)

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